Bonnen Attempts to Use Leftist Alinsky Tactics on Firearms Freedom Advocate

On March 30, Dennis Bonnen launched a media offensive against Texas Gun Rights Executive Director, Chris McNutt in this article in The Facts newspaper out of Clute.

Chris McNutt had been block walking in districts of Republican leadership in the Texas House, handing out literature, urging constituents to contact their legislator and ask them to prioritize constitutional carry during the session.  Bonnen figured that McNutt might visit his neighborhood, so he used taxpayer money to lay a trap.  He posted DPS troopers at his house.  McNutt saw them in front of the house when he was leafleting and had a friendly conversation with them, after which they offerred to and did take the leaflet to the house.

Bonnen sought to demonize McNutt, playing the victim, expressing outrage for this and used this as an excuse to kill constitutional carry.

There are multiple press reports on this story.

Here is a good summary in The Texan.

Here is the bodycam video of the DPS trooper at Bonnen's house when Chris McNutt visited:


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