Your donation will be used to cost effectively deliver the information about Dennis Bonnen's comments and actions to the potential voters in HD 25 in Brazoria and Matagorda Counties.

No consultants or employees will be paid with this money.  It will go directly to getting the word out to potential voters.

We will focus on providing information to the voters that will make them realize that Dennis Bonnen does not represent the values or goals of the voters of HD 25.  We intend to leave the work of introducing the character and goals of challenger(s) to Bonnen to their campaign(s), although if it makes sense, we may help challengers financially with this money if it makes sense.

We think an independent voice that will focus on delivering the negative truth about Bonnen to the voters helps the challenger(s) focus on telling their own story.  We encourage donations to the challenger of your choice, as well.  But we welcome your financial (and volunteer) help to focus on Dennis Bonnen and his actions.

We think that removing Dennis Bonnen from his HD 25 seat is the most strategic thing for liberty you can do in the 2020 election cycle.